The Poetic Version of Me

My name is Kaleigh Lynne Distaffen. I am 23 years young and I have a freckle on my left hand. I have eyes that change color, from mother’s to father’s to somewhere in between. I resemble my father with hair like my mother. I wonder about the simple things in life, like why we come into the world crying, but go the rest of our lives trying hard to hide it. I am not tall, but I’m not short. I’m not graceful, but like a bird I believe I can fly. When I was 3, I learned to read. When I was younger than I am now, I learned the power of words. So, I write my story, your story, and every story in between. I am a series of moments, experiences, and memories. I exist here in my words, there in your minds, and wherever else pieces of my soul have been left behind. The pen and piano are extensions of my soul. 26 letters, 88 keys. It doesn’t matter. I am all you could want or more than you need. I am woman when I’m confident, a force when I’m upset, and a child when I’m scared. 3 is my favorite number, and so is i and pi. Pie is my favorite dessert. 10 is the number of fuzzy socks that I own for no other reason except that I can. I am an average person, but I could be so much more if you let me. I am a poem and a song, a storm and a breeze, and everything that falls in between. I am the name on someone’s lips. I am the song in someone’s heart.

You want a bouquet of flowers, but sometimes I’m only capable of giving you a bag of thorns. My hands may be small, but they can hold the whole world.


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